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In June 2010, churches will join forces to share resources, serve our communities and give to a meaningful cause.
Because when the Church unites, it's Unstoppable.

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A Little History

One Prayer began in 2008 to explore the question: We pray to Jesus asking Him to answer our prayers - what if we became the answer to His? In John 17:20-24, He prayed that we would be one, and One Prayer is an opportunity to see what can be accomplished when the Church works together.

For two years, millions of believers around the world have united to pray, learn, and love others. God has worked in amazing ways each year, and we can't wait to see what He does during One Prayer 2010. Beginning June 5-6, we’ll come together for four weeks as we learn more about our Creator and go out into the world to share, serve and give.

During One Prayer, we'll be sharing teaching, training, resources, and, most importantly, God’s love with the world. We'll be learning and growing as a global body of believers while we explore the teaching theme...


When the Church unites, it's unstoppable... unstoppable grace, unstoppable compassion, unstoppable evangelism, unstoppable love, unstoppable generosity, unstoppable truth, unstoppable hope...

If you're contributing a message (and we think you should!), your teaching should include the Unstoppable theme. The submittal deadline for message videos is Monday, May 10.

Imagine what could be accomplished by thousands of churches working together to serve our communities. We can make it happen this June. Think ahead and start planning now... what outreach and service projects would make a difference where you live?

When we give, it's a tangible expression of God's love and generosity. And when churches give in unison, that message comes through loud and clear. This year, One Prayer is planning another global giving initiative, but with a new twist.