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How much does it cost to participate?
To register and take part in One Prayer is absolutely free. There are no fees or payments requested at any point throughout the process.

When is One Prayer 2010?
Churches will share, serve and give throughout all four weeks of June 2010, from June 5/6 to 26/27.

Can our church participate in One Prayer beyond the four weekends in June 2010?
There are time-sensitive components that will take place during June, such as giving and serving initiatives. However, your church can still participate by showing One Prayer messages at any time.

Can individuals register for One Prayer?
No. Registration is intended for participating churches to receive valuable resources and information. If you are an individual interested in uniting with others through One Prayer, we encourage you to share the vision with your church leaders and spread the word on your personal blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How can I find churches in my area participating in One Prayer?
A current list of participating churches is available on our